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On 21 June, Instagram unleashed IGTV on the world, getting us all excited and thinking ‘uh-oh YouTube, these guys are coming for you!’ As if they’d been given warning and without a moment’s hesitation, brands hopped on the bandwagon and started playing the IGTV game with verve and vigour. Fashion house Louis Vuitton released their 12 minute Men’s Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show and it was something glorious to behold. Buzzfeed, who have been creating content for

In a not-so-far-away place, not so long ago, a couple of kids formed a collective. With a penchant for uncurbed creative and a fresh take on big corporate culture, they set out to ditch their suits and do things differently. And so the 411 Agency was born. Today, the 411 is a tight-knit, multi-skilled team with big agency ability and small agency agility. Without the systems and processes that control big agencies, they have the